Nonprofit and Faith-based Work

We help nonprofits and faith-based organizations build products that are on par with the top brands in the marketplace. Our nonprofit team has strong experience in digital fundraising and advocacy and we're thankful to work with some of the top nonprofit and faith-based brands in the world.

See Our For-Profit Work

Website focused on providing a rich set of resources to dudes interested in stepping up their game.

Family-friendly movie reviews including Netflix, ticketing, and Gamefly integration.

iPhone game that interacts with a 10 foot by 20 foot Video Wall on Broadway in Manhattan.

Brushfire worked with Francis Chan and David Platt to provide a multi-language mobile and web platform for their discipleship movement.

iPad-based Bible study personalized and library of faith-based books.

Mobile-responsive design and UX for Christians exploring what the Bible has to say about faith in the workplace.

Web donation platform to fund international university, ministry staff and partners.

Feature-rich Bible study app that allows for market-shaping annotation features.

Case Study

Change the Story is travelling experience that allows you to step into another culture. We provide the technology that fuels Compassion.

International mobile and web platform designed to distribute the world's most watched film.

Mobile-responsive web design and UX to help spread the gospel to millions of people across the globe.

Empowering human rights advocates to stand against oppression by giving them tools to engage in the fight for justice.

Family-friendly iOS app designed to gamify catechism memory for kids.

ESV and ESV Study Bible apps for Android and iOS focused on a simple elegant Bible experience.

Media-rich online education platform designed to transform communities around the world.

New responsive web site and CMS with a simple user experience designed to connect the organization's legacy with its bright future.