Connecting Supporters to Sponsored Children

About the project

Compassion International approached Brushfire Interactive for this reason: to enable caring adults in the Child Sponsorship program to establish a tangible connection with the children they sponsor. The Compassion 2.0 app was created. Not only does the app encourage long-term relationships between sponsors and recipients, but it can also inspire new people to help a child escape a life of poverty and hardship.

Our role

Brushfire partnered to design and develop the Universal IOS and Android smartphone app with a design approach that enriches the relationship between a donor and sponsored child. Features include: the ability to browse pictures of a sponsored child or children, letter writing from the app to a sponsored child, ability to read regional news and contextual information about the child’s home country and region, ability to set reminders to pray for a sponsored child, as well as receive Compassion news, blogs and much more.